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Tuesday, 22 Oct 2019

Version 11.3 of all GraphiCode products released

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July 2011 --

GraphiCode, a global provider of cost-effective, superior software innovations for electronics manufacturing, today announces the release of version 11.3 of its full product suite – GC-PowerPlatform.

Improved DXF and DWG Importing

The DXF / DWG import function now has an option to manually override the automatic scaling of the file to fit within the addressable space of the software. Some DXF / DWG files have unused entities sitting well away from the actual drawing that were causing the software to automatically scale the drawing to fit.

Customers on a current Annual Support Plan can now access the software via Remote Desktop.

In response to customer requests, GraphiCode will now allow use of all products via Remote Desktop (Terminal Services). This will provide customers more flexibility and greater ease of use. Access requires a current Annual Support Plan.

Minor enhancements and bug fixes

Click here to view the What’s New document to see a full list of minor enhancements and bug fixes.

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