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Saturday, 23 Nov 2019
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GC-PowerPlace is graphical CAM software for captive and contract PCB manufacturers. GC-PowerPlace accepts Gerber data along with an ASCII BOM file to create and verify assembly equipment programs off-line. Centroids are extracted automatically with sub-micron precision. GC-PowerPlace eliminates on-line assembly programming and verification. Typical Return On Investment (ROI) is less than 3 months.


  • Gerber to Pick & Place programs, GenCAD & FATF
  •  In Circuit Test option
  •  Create Stencil Data
  •  ODB++ import option
  •  DFM option
  •  Gerber to DXF, DXF to Gerber

Store you custom parts in the Footprint Library

See GC-PowerPlace in action!


Input Formats

  • Gerber: RS-274-D, RS-274-X
  • CAD: ASCII Data
  • EDIF 4 0 0
  • NC Drill/Rout: Excellon, Sieb & Meyer
  • ODB++
  • GraphiCode: .PWK, .CWK, .XWK, .GWK
  • Other: HPGL,Barco (.DPF), FIRE AutoPLOT

Output Format Supported

  • Gerber (RS-274-D, RS-274-X)
  • HPGL, DXF, PostScript, DMPL
  • Excellon, Sieb & Meyer
  • IPC-D-356, IPC-D-356A
  • GenCAD [UniCam, CircuitCam, GenRAD (Mitron)]
  • FATF (FABmaster)
  • SRFF (CyberOptics)
  • User-defined output formats

Automatic Centroid Extraction

Automatic Centroid Extraction (ACE) automatically converts selected pads into SMT parts by calculations based on the centroid of the SMT FootPrints.

Teach Part

Teach Part allows the user to manually teach through hole and custom shaped SMT patterns.

Find Reference Designators

The Find Reference Designators (FReD) function performs character recognition on silkscreen data in order to automatically assign reference designators to parts.

Import BOM Information

This feature allows the user to import part numbers from a Bill of Materials (BOM) and merge the part numbers, package, and other information into a parts layer by matching the BOM part numbers (etc.) and reference designators with parts layer reference designators.

Assembly Analysis

A detailed analysis of the parts contained on a board can be obtained using the Assembly Analysis report. The report is saved externally for easy distribution to interested parties and contains user-defined information. Information that can be included in the report ranges from simple information such as total number of parts to more specific information based on an individual Package Style. Additional sections include information on off-angle parts, information based on Part Number, estimated Solderpaste volume, and duplicate reference designators.

Part Properties

Many part properties can be assigned to part numbers or specific part instances, including Alternate Part Number, Feeder, and part values.

Advanced Stencil Editing (Cost Option)

The Advanced Stencil Editing option provides users with several efficient stencil editing solutions, including pad splitting, "C" pad creation, heel and toe edits, and automatic pad adjustment for pad-pitch manipulation. Click here for detailed examples

Pick and Place Machines Supported

    • Amistar • Permatek • Siemens
    • Dynapert • Philips • TDK
    • Europlacer • Quad Systems • Universal
    • Fuji • Sanyo • KME
    • Juki • Mydata • Panasonic