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Saturday, 23 Nov 2019
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GC-PowerStation is CAM software for intelligent PCB fabrication. It combines ease of use with powerful functionality, providing total control of manufacturing data. With GC-PowerStation, PCB manufacturability is verified up-front; saving weeks of costly revision spins. You receive the necessary tools to build the board right the first time.


  • Full CAM Station
  • Programs plotters, drills, testers
  • Powerful contour based DFM
  • Robust editing allows quick panelization including venting, thieving and coupons
  • ODB++ import option


With over 60 DFM checks, finding issues with signal layers, soldermasks, silkscreen, and plane layers is thorough and accurate. More powerful than simple pass/fail results, many checks distinguish between critical and potential errors. Parameters can be saved for repeat use thus cutting down setup times. Automatic fixing of certain errors can occur with built-in verification to ensure new errors are not created. Multiple DFM Analysis results can be stored and analysis can be performed on partial areas of the board as required.

Graphical Netlist Compare

Comparison of a Gerber extracted netlist and an IPC-D-356 netlist can be performed. Differences are categorized by Open, Short, Missing or Extra and graphically highlighted on screen. A common user interface is used to display DFM errors and Netlist Comparison errors to aid usability. Netlist comparison can also occur between two Gerber netlists allowing a sanity check of data before and after editing.

Advanced Editing Tools

Pad Shaving, Soldermask Adjustments and Silkscreen Clipping are just some of the advanced editing tools included as standard. The powerful editing tools allow yield enhancement to be performed quickly and effectively. Contour based netlist extraction is fast and accurate - providing Bare Board Test information including accessibility.

Advanced Stencil Editing (Cost Option)

The Advanced Stencil Editing option provides users with several efficient stencil editing solutions, including pad splitting, "C" pad creation, heel and toe edits, and automatic pad adjustment for pad-pitch manipulation. Click here for detailed examples.